Photo of a small group of people at a table for an oversight conference.

"All persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person." — United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article Ten

Transparency  Shining a light on the experiences of people in custody through data, research, and monitoring is a critical part of ensuring their safety and promoting good government.
Transformation  Everyone is capable of growth and change and has the capacity to learn new ways of doing things, from individuals in custody to the leaders that are responsible for our justice system. A learning culture can lead to positive change.
Equity We acknowledge the harms experienced by people of color as a result of this country's history of racism and use of the criminal justice system to control Black communities. We are committed to working towards a more racially just society.
Collaboration We believe in developing a shared vision for change with key stakeholders rather than seeking to impose change, and we value the process in coming to that consensus.
Lived Experience We value the wisdom of diverse stakeholders, including individuals with lived incarceration experience, families with loved ones in custody, and correctional staff and administrators.
Trust and Respect We trust and care for the individuals with whom we work as partners, those whom we teach, and those on whose behalf we work. We value their trust in us and believe change is possible only when there is mutual respect.