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PJIL’s projects meet the needs of policy makers, criminal justice officials, state and local agencies, advocates, and the media who are looking for guidance on corrections issues. Our current projects include the following initiatives.

National Resource Center on Correctional Oversight

We develop resource materials on correctional oversight and provide guidance to policy makers and advocates across the country who want to develop or strengthen oversight mechanisms.

COVID, Corrections, and Oversight

We produce resource materials on ways that corrections officials, oversight practitioners, and policy makers can manage COVID-related challenges in prisons and jails, and analyze the impact of COVID on incarcerated people and staff.

Women in Custody

We produce resource materials on best practices for developing a gender-responsive approach to supervising women in custody.

The Humanization Project

We emphasize our common humanity with people in custody and identify ways conditions can be improved to promote health, safety, and dignity.

Louisiana Jail Standards Project

Pursuant to a directive from the Louisiana Legislature, PJIL will work with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and the Louisiana Sheriffs Association to help evaluate and develop more comprehensive jail standards and a more effective jail oversight structure for the state.