Megha Bahl

South Asian Woman with short hair and glasses

LL.M., M.A. Sociology

PJIL Research Fellow

With a decade of research and litigation in criminal law and civil rights, Megha examines the anatomy of institutions like courts, police, and prisons. She has worked as an attorney both on the prosecution and the defense side of the Indian criminal legal system. She has also litigated and written about methods to combat custodial violence and accountability for poor incarceration conditions.

Megha’s interdisciplinary background in sociology and law equips her to locate legal issues in their specific socio-political context. Her sustained work with people’s organizations gives her a grounded perspective. In the United States, she has worked with American Gateways to defend refugees and survivors of persecution. She is also an ardent advocate for civil liberties in India through her association with the People’s Union for Democratic Rights.

Megha earned an LL.M. from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law on a Fulbright fellowship. She holds an LL.B. from the University of Delhi and a Master’s in Sociology from the Delhi School of Economics.

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