Lynda E. Frost


J.D., Ph.D.

Advisory Committee Member

Lynfro Consulting

Austin, TX

Lynda Frost has 25+ years in the nonprofit sector working to improve health, human services, education, and criminal justice outcomes for vulnerable communities. For 14 years, Lynda served as the Director of Planning and Programs at the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health at The University of Texas at Austin, and has extensive experience in grantmaking, program design, strategic planning, and public policy. She spent two decades teaching graduate students in law, public policy, education, and social work. Lynda is a staunch advocate for ensuring that people with lived experience – with mental health challenges, substance use, or incarceration – are visible, vocal, and valued in the policy change process. She is also an experienced attorney with legal expertise in human rights, juvenile justice, criminal law and mediation. Currently, Lynda owns and operates her own consulting firm, Lynfro Consulting, and helps foundations, nonprofits, governmental agencies, and private entities to clarify mission-consistent goals, implement effective programs, and optimize internal operations.