Destiny Moreno

Headshot of Destiny Moreno. Smiling facing the camera, dark long hair, brown eyes, and a tattoo sleeve on her left arm.

Destiny is a second-year graduate student at the LBJ School. Her experience as a system-impacted individual guides her research interests in technology and criminal justice. At PJIL, Destiny primarily works with data collection and analysis, as well as website design and development. She is a co-author on PJIL publications "COVID and Corrections: A Profile of COVID Deaths in Custody in Texas" and "Dead Man Waiting: A brief profile of deaths in Texas prisons among people approved for parole release." 

Destiny earned her Bachelor of Arts in 2020 in Public Policy with a minor in Science, Technology & Society from the University of California at San Diego. She is currently a researcher for the Good Systems UT Grand Challenge on a project leveraging AI to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness, and she is investigating the use AI-enabled surveillance in Texas as a Brumley Fellow under the Strauss Center’s Artificial Intelligence Studies program. 

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